Chairman of the Ouija Board (murderama) wrote in the_vinyl_vault,
Chairman of the Ouija Board

The goods...

Trying to track down images of all these covers... Will post as soon as I can.

On a recent trip to the Ozarks, we scored some good, CHEAP thrift store records:

Switched on Moog, "Nashville Gold"

The Singing Doctors, "On Stage"

Rusty Warren, "More Knockers Up!"

Anita Bryant, "I Believe"

The fucking "RHINESTONE" soundtrack (Stallone sings country... who knew?

and something called the Chet Taylor Trio, which is only funny if you can see the home made cover art: a snapshot of Chet and his family, circa 1969, with their big hair and their Valium eyes, all posed around the living room and fixing up to sing some down home gospel bullshit. Classic.
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