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Song Ident: Old Time Jazz

Can anyone identify this song?

I found the clip in an article on boingboing:

But when Jen and I walked out to go home, we witness something amazing. Like walking into a David Lynch film, or into one of the photos from the book. An elderly gentleman -- must have been a vet -- drove by in a big white '70s boat of a car. US and Marine flags on the roof; sad, old music blaring from an ancient radio inside. He'd left the interior light on. The car seemed to swallow him. We wondered how his feet reached the pedals. He drove about 3 miles an hour; even the celebutantes on the sidewalk in stilettos outpaced him.

"So was that guy a ghost, maybe, or what?," asked Jen. "I wish I could identify the music--I think that would help me understand him a little. What do you think it was?"

Edit: vestalvixen reports the song has been identified. It's Artie Shaw's Nightmare.

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